Industry-leading adhesive tack

High-performance, low-stain reusable tack, UK-manufactured and delivered worldwide.
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Your brand, Hodgson Sealants’ expertise.

Adhesive tack is produced at our UK manufacturing facility and is offered in own label, allowing you the flexibility to market under your brand.

Combining our many years of industry experience with a personal approach, we can produce multiple different die cut pads in a range of colours to meet your requirements.

Standard Grade Tack

Standard Grade Tack

Trusted standard grade formulation incorporating low stain technology, designed for household and office use.

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High Performance Tack

High Performance Tack

High Strength reusable tack with impressive load bearing capacity and ultimate grip strength.  For indoor and outdoor use.

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Formulation flexibility

Formulation flexibility

Formats and colours adapted to suit your needs, with a wealth of colour options and multiple different formats.

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Own Label

Manufactured to the highest standards, our range of tack is available in a wide range of colours, shapes and pack sizes so we can custom create the perfect product for you to sell as part of your own range.

Extensive Colour Range

Manufactured in a variety of colours, our tack products allow you to find one suited to your specific need. If you are looking for tack in a specific colour, get in touch.

Quality Guaranteed

Hodgson Tack is manufactured under the strictest quality standards including ISO 9001:2015. We’ve grown to become one of the UK’s largest sealant producers with an enviable reputation for high-quality, reliable products.